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Sponsorship for a UK work permit for Interns

We can work directly with UK employers to arrange the sponsorship required to support a UK Work permit to allow international students to join UK internship opportunities.

UK employers do not need their own Sponsor License to be able to use the scheme. We will work in partnership with your employer to support your UK visa application for a Government Authorised Exchange visa and provide ongoing visa sponsorship management during the internship.

GTI holds an ‘A rated’ Government Authorised Exchange Sponsor Licence which permits us to assign Certificates of Sponsorship on behalf of UK employers. Formerly known as the ‘Tier 5 Intern Scheme’, we have operated this Government Authorised Exchange scheme since 2010.

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We can assist

  • UK registered employers (excluding those in Hospitality, Care or Agriculture)
  • Internships based in the UK
  • Maximum 12 months duration
  • Skilled work (minimum RQF Level 3 required to perform the role)
  • Supervised
  • Supernumerary (additional to staffing requirements)
  • Paid a salary equivalent to UK minimum wage, or above
  • Undergraduates working towards a degree-level qualification
  • Recent Graduates holding a Bachelors degree, or higher
  • All nationalities

What does my employer have to do?

Employers need to contact GTI directly to complete the initial application process and be approved to join the Scheme. They will be asked to complete an application and attend an initial meeting to discuss their requirements and be approved to join the scheme.

Employers will be asked to accept the terms & conditions of membership and commit to meeting ongoing record-keeping and reporting duties in order to maintain your continued UK work permission.

Once approved, your employer will be able to request sponsorship from GTI that will enable you to submit your Government Authorised Exchange visa application to the Home Office.


How can I help?

The scheme is an employer-led scheme, so GTI will work directly with your employer throughout the process. If your employer has not used the scheme before, then please ask them to review the information available here.

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Not found a UK internship yet?

Information and advice on finding an internship in the UK can be found at

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Initial assessment

The initial employer assessment and set up with GTI can typically be completed within 1-2 weeks and is contingent on availability for the registration meeting.

Certificate requests

Requests for Certificates of Sponsorship can typically be returned within 3 working days of receipt of the completed request form and all supporting documents required.

Intern application

Interns can submit visa applications to the Home Office within 3 months of the internship start date. The Home Office target a turnaround of 15 working days for applications made overseas and 8 weeks for applications made within the UK.

What does it cost?

The cost of the initial Employer assessment and set up plus sponsorship of the first intern would be £750 +VAT. Thereafter, we charge £750+VAT per Certificate of Sponsorship issued.

Visa application fees will be payable directly to the Home Office when they submit their visa application.

What do I do next?

If your Employer has not used the scheme before and is not already set up, please share our details with them. The first step for them will be to complete an application to join the scheme. If they have any questions, they can get in touch with us directly.

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