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How it works

Applying for a visa

Government Authorised Exchange Visa

We can provide Certificates of Sponsorship to support UK visa applications under the Government Authorised Exchange visa category.

Government Authorised exchange visas are intended for migrants to the UK through approved schemes that aim to share knowledge, experience and best practice through work placements, whilst experiencing the wider social and cultural setting of the UK. This visa cannot be used to fill job vacancies or provide a way to bring unskilled labour to the UK.

Immigration Advice

GTI are not UK immigration advisors and we are not permitted to provide advice regarding whether this visa is the correct visa for you. You can check if you need a visa here.

If you think you need immigration advice, please contact a licensed immigration adviser.

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Making an Application

Interns will need a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) before they can submit a Government Authorised Exchange visa application to the Home Office.

Applications can be submitted up to 3 months prior to the intended work start date.

Interns will need to make their Government Authorised Exchange visa applications directly to the Home Office before they can start work in the UK.


Initial assessment

The initial employer assessment and set up with GTI can typically be completed within 1-2 weeks and is contingent on availability for the registration meeting.

Certificate requests

Requests for Certificates of Sponsorship can typically be returned within 3 working days of receipt of the completed request form and all supporting documents required.

Intern application

Interns can submit visa applications to the Home Office within 3 months of the internship start date. The Home Office target a turnaround of 15 working days for applications made overseas and 8 weeks for applications made within the UK.

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