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How it works

Recording & reporting duties

Record-keeping duties

Employers will need to provide GTI with the following for each intern in order to maintain sponsorship:

  • Signed employment contracts
  • Right to Work checks for each intern
  • Accurate contact details for the intern at all times
  • Copies of each pay slip issued to the intern

Reporting duties

Employers are obliged to inform GTI immediately of any of the following:

  • Changes to the internship start or end dates of employment
  • Changes to the intern’s salary
  • Changes to the intern’s work location
  • Changes to the intern’s job description
  • Any absence from work without prior approval
  • Any sick leave that exceeds 2 weeks (10 consecutive working days)
  • If the intern resigns or leaves the company earlier than planned, for any reason
  • If the intern’s role ceases to be supernumerary and they are employed to fill permanent headcount
  • If the employer believes that intern is in breach of the conditions of their leave to remain in the UK
  • If the intern is engaged in any criminal activity, or terrorism
  • If the intern has any intention to ‘overstay’ their visa

If you have any questions about meeting the employer record keeping and reporting obligations, please get in touch.

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