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How it works

Employer registration

Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be met in order for GTI to sponsor.

  • UK registered employers (excluding those in Hospitality, Care or Agriculture)
  • Internships based in the UK
  • Maximum 12 months duration
  • Skilled work (minimum RQF Level 3 required to perform the role)
  • Supervised
  • Supernumerary (additional to staffing requirements)
  • Paid a salary equivalent to UK minimum wage, or above
  • Undergraduates working towards a degree-level qualification
  • Recent Graduates holding a Bachelors degree, or higher
  • All nationalities

UK employers

We will expect employers to:

Have established an office in the UK and to have been trading for at least 12 months.

Have policies and procedures in place to employ, pay and monitor an intern as part of a genuine internship programme.

Have existing staff in the business with experience to share with the intern as well as the capacity to train and develop them for the duration of the programme.

Genuine internships

Work experience

The primary purpose of the internship must be to provide a temporary period of work experience, rather than to satisfy a staffing requirement in the business.

Non-critical function

If the intern was not there, then the employer should be able to operate without replacing them.

Learning & development

We will ask for a structured plan for the internship which explains the purpose of the programme, the learning objectives and describes how the employer intends to train and develop the intern for the full duration of the programme.

Analytics & reporting

We will ask all employers to accept the terms & conditions and agree to meet the ongoing record keeping and reporting duties of the scheme.

Terms & conditions Duties of the scheme


If you have any questions, or you are a UK employer that would like to register with us, then please get in touch to request the application form. Please email us your full company name and the anticipated start date of the internship to begin the process.

If you are an Intern, please note that we will first need to register your employer to use the scheme, so please ask your UK employer to get in touch with us directly.

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